Monday, 13 July 2009

Tomorrow will be a new exciting day.

I have the last days disposed a lot of my clothes and other properties that I cannot to take with me to Peru. I have tried to give my children as much as possible but they refused most of it. Therefore I gave it to the church who gratefully took all I gave them. It felt well both for me and my children so now everybody is pleased. I have only one thing left which I don´t have room for in my suitcase. It’s my car. Today 9:45 pm I advertised on an Internet site called “”. I was very surprised when I after half an hour became several phone calls from interested buyers. Tomorrow it will be verry exciting to se if someone will offer a price witch I can accept after they have looked at my car.


Iona Rosin said...

Konbanwa! Nice blog! Will be interesting to read about your adventures in South America!

Oyasumi nasai!

daniel.rosin said...

Glömm inte bort att du ska passa Maja ikväll när jag lagar mat!