Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Efter sol kommer regn!

There is really a nice whether in Nasca. Here it´s constantly sun and 25 degree in the shadow. That’s way we spend Monday at the pool. At the evening we took dinner before we went to the hostel for a good night’s sleep. Well that’s what we thought. About one a clock I wake up with paint in my stomach. I went out to the toilet and spent the rest of the night there. You sure now what I get through so I will save the details. Tuesday I rested all day and drunk only tee and water. Today Wednesday we were able to go to the pool again. Let’s see who this night will be.


Iona Rosin said...

Seems to be a heatwave in Sweden now. Not that fun to sit at work when it's like this and I wish I had AC in my apartment.
Lunas wound seems to heal a bit, but she has hidden the collar somewhere. Smart cat.

Yesterday, me and Jonas called for Myrrah in Tidan, but we didn't find her, unfortunately.

Take care!

Iona Rosin said...

Btw, japanese toilets are way much more cool than peruvian ones! ;)

daniel.rosin said...

Tjenare farsan!

Nog vet jag vad du går igenom alltid. Det är inte så kul ...

Vi har det bara bra. I helgen kommer nog Oscar och Sandra på besök.


daniel.rosin said...

Hej igen!

Jag var bara tvungen att se om min bild kom med...