Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Puno and Titicaca

The port of Puno. The lake is the greatest in South-America.

Puno is surrounded of mountains. You have wonderful views upon over the town and the lake. The photo cannot show the real impression.

It’s hard to claim up in a height of 3.800 meters if you not used to it. Here you can see the result.

It´s only to relax and enjoy before you went down again.

Next day we visit the flouting islands and some normal islands.

Here you can see a boat made of reeds in front of a flouting island.

Typical clouds used on the fluting Islands.

I found a new friend.

Exhausted again after a new claiming on the island we stayed overnight.

Our home for one night.

Our landlord Isabel and her daughter Sonja.

Simple and friendly people.

A view from the house.

Back to Puno agai.

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