Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Finally a new flat!

After we came home from Nazca we lived 11 days in a simple but nice hostel in Miraflores near where I rented a room before we traveled south over to Nazca, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco.

The mini-apartment we finally found in Miraflores, Ca. 2:e de Mayoa is situated only one block from the hostel. We live near the ocean, Marisols relatives, shops and restaurants.

It’s a nice old-fashioned haus. You can see our alley between the houses.

Her you can see the alley from the inside. Our entrance is equipped with a grating of course.

The apartment is not large but we have the space we need. The TV corner .

The bed corner.

The kitchen.

The bathroom a shower corner that is difficult to photograph.

The flat is on the 3: floor and we have a good view from our nice balcony.

Hi my name is Nash. I like the flat to but I’m a little upset. Why in hell must just I go three steps upp and down every time I want piss or shit. No one else does.

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daniel.rosin said...

Hejsan farsan!

Ser ut att vara en trevlig liten lägenhet. Maja har varit hemma från dagis idag för att hon är trög i magen och därför lite argsint.