Tuesday, 28 July 2009

From one world to another.

This day I left Sweden for a new life.

I had luck. The crew of this airplane was in a good mood and offered me to be there pilot today.

I accepted it ant took place in the cockpit.

I was a little nervous in the beginning but when the plan lifted the ground it felt well.

It was a wonderful view when we came up a few hundred meters.

Well in the right height I used the autopilot over the Atlantic.

Now I had time to talk with Delia. A Peruvian woman who is married with a German she has lived in Germany for eleven years. Now it was time for her to visit her family in Cusco. We had a long and serious conversation about a lot of interesting things.

When we came over the Andes it was time to take over the control again and land the plan at Jorge Chavez in Lima Airport.

Now Marisol gave me a hearty received. She is a wonderful woman and now I realized how much I realy love her. I was home again and a new life will begin.

Even my personal taxi driver Rafael Roca seemed happy to see me again.


Iona Rosin said...

Cool! Didn't know you were a pilot! ;-p I wanna fly a plane to!

daniel.rosin said...

Hejsan Farsan!

Kul att se att du kom fram i gott skick.


Peter Almgren said...

Jetz comprende jag...tog some tiempo
Guten nacht

Roland said...

Hej Gerhard!

Tack för rese-reportaget!
Hm.... har du taget flygcertifikat framför datorn? Tur att det gick bra.
Du klagade på det svenska sommarvädret - det har inte blivit bättre. Andra dagen i rad nu som det regnar rejält och på västkusten är det stormvarning. Hoppas det är bättre väder i Lima.
Ha det bra!