Saturday, 1 August 2009

Now it´s time for traveling!

Today I will leave my apartment witch I leaved in thins I came to Lima. I have had a lot of friends here who you can see on the picture. Marisol from Lima, Karin from Huancayo, David the France, David the Peruvian, Tim the American, Alex the American and Scott from England. Almost every evening we be together in the balcony and enjoy our company by talking, eating and drinking.

In one hour Marisol and I will leave with buss for Nasca. Nasca has a desert clime and offers 25 degree and sun even in Peruvian winter. We have been there last Christmas and at that time it was very hot. We will stay in Nasca two weeks and then go some were else.


Iona Rosin said...

Have a nice trip, dad! (Hey, do you want me to send some cans of fermented herring to you in Peru? ;)

mayaTomten said...


Wish you all luck and happiness on your travels.. Take care and enjoy life..

It was really nice to see you in Gothenburg, You seems to be a really nice man..

Looking forward to to follow your travels by your blog..
regards Jonas

St Martin said...

Thanks Iona and maya Tomten. I wish you the same and please send the Herrings as soon as posible.